Bounce Back after Spring Forward

Feeling a little tired today? If you're feeling the effects of loosing an hour, chances are, so is your house! Here are a few tips to get BOTH of you back on top of your game! Take advantage of the extra hour of light, and soak up the sun! Open your blinds for a boost of natural light, and replace any burnt out light bulbs with "daylight" bulbs. Your mood will thank you!...

Goal Setting 101

Identify your  W’s What is your goal? - BE SPECIFIC! Why is your goal important to you? If your answer is “Just because” it’s time to go back to the drawing board, my friend! Who will be positively impacted if (ahem - WHEN) you achieve your goal? Family, friends, pets, coworkers… these can all be incredible motivators when you’re in a slump. When will you meet your goal? -...

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