Hello Yellow!

When the winter chill has you feeling blue, a pop of color can brighten your day! Here are a few ways you can add some life to your living space with the happiest color of them all – Yellow!

Bright Backdrop

Frame floating shelves with a patch of yellow paint to shine a spotlight on your favorite kitchen accessories!

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Cozy corner

Draw the eye into a neglected corner with a geometric corner accent. Pair that with a comfy chair and a good book, and you’ve got the recipe for a relaxing retreat!

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Things are looking up

Cast a warm glow about the room with a yellow ceiling!

Pro tip: choose a yellow that is one shade lighter than your favorite swatch. Ceilings tend to catch a bit less light than the walls, so colors appear darker.

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Break it up

Create visual visual interest in a long, narrow hallway with a band of yellow. Wrapping it around the ceiling will bring the eye up and make the space feel more open.

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Landlord approved

For those renting (or unwilling to commit to a coat of paint) you can still liven things up with a few small accessories!

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Liven things up

Fickle folks rejoice! You don’t need to commit to a paint color, or even decorative accessories to add some sunshine to your day. Snag a bunch of yellow flowers on your next trip to the grocery store. They may only last a few days, but they’ll remind you that spring is on the way!

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